Exede satellite internet

Posted on April 30, 2013


Why would you want to receive your internet by satellite ?


There’s a lot of talk in the media today about internet access. While high speed internet is generally available for those in town, out on the back roads choices have been limited up until now.


Satellite-delivered internet has come a long way in the last 15 years. With the first systems it was receive-only. Uploads were sent via dial-up. Along about the year 2000 came the two way systems; an improvement, but still slow.


The new system is called “Exede.” We’ve been installing these in New Hampshire and Vermont for about a year now. The advertised download speed is 12 Mbps, and the upload is 3 Mbps. It’s faster than most DSL and standard fiber connections, and comparable to a cable internet speed. The cost of standard installation, depending on the promotion, is $0 to $50.


The Exede system is actually marketed under two names; Exede and DishNet. It’s the same equipment, with the same fast speeds. There are potentially four different service packages you could choose from. The difference in packages is not in the speed, it’s the amount you can download per month. That amount is measured in gigabytes.


5 GB–$50/month                                            10 GB–$60/month

15 GB–$90/month                                            25 GB–$140/month


In addition to these “anytime” download amounts, in the early morning hours you’re allowed to download unlimited amounts of data and not have that counted toward your monthly data totals.


A word of warning on the cost of the monthly programming–You’re going to see the monthly price advertised as beginning at $39.99/month. In the fine print you’ll see that there is also a $10/month lease fee on the equipment. So in truth it really starts out at $50/month. The prices shown above show your bottom-line price, except for sales tax in Vermont.


On our website there is a link to an Exede data estimator. Your first step would be to click here, enter an estimate of your usage, and see how much data and which plan Exede thinks you’ll need. From there you might want to drop by the store with your laptop and try our demo system for yourself.


If you’re happy with its performance, we would usually schedule a site visit with you at your convenience, so we know installation is really possible. Then, with your go-ahead, we can arrange installation. We’re done, and you’ve got fast internet !


It seems like everyone we talk to is waiting for a high-speed internet connection from someone who will be by “any day now.” Exede is fast, and it’s here now. No waiting any more.

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