Audio channels on your DISH receiver

Posted on May 17, 2013

It’s not talked about a lot, but there’s some great music stations on satellite TV. Get all the value out of your system that you can; check out these great audio services.

The Sirius/XM music channels (not the talk stations) are available commercial-free in all DISH programming packages from the America’s Top 120 on up. Tune to channels 6002-6099 (channel 99 on the Hopper). Look at your on-screen guide to identify the stations and select the ones you like. The guide will give you a brief description of what the station is about.

Other audio services can be found on channels 923-946 and channels 950-981. These channels are commercial-free and also have no announcer—just the music. Check your on-screen guide here too.

Now that you have found them, how will you listen? Obviously you can just listen through the TV, and on most channels in this mode you can also see the name of the artist.

If you have an existing audio amp and speakers, you could also connect your receiver to that system for better sound quality. You will need to identify what you will be using for audio jacks both on the receiver and the amp. Most DISH receivers have two possible audio outputs. You will see the standard right and left analog push-on jacks; these will be colored red (for right channel) and white. Look on the back of the amp for a free input jacks. These might be labeled “Aux input” or something like that. On most receivers there is also a jack marked “Digital Audio Output.”

If all you can find is analog red-white jacks, connect a cable between the receiver output jacks and the amplifier input jacks. Select the station you want to listen to, select the amplifier input where you connected the cables. Turn up the volume, turn off the TV, and listen !  

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